Between Then and Now – poem

On the darkest night, 

the moon shines it’s brightest.

Reflecting light from a sinking sun.
The eternal moment stands still,

with patience.

Watching intently as beauty flickers and fades

into only cherished memories.
And time slips away,

like sand through our hands.

Whilst we are left grasping,

to the departing of new beginnings.


Monday meditation exercise

many people complain about not having the time, space or quietness to meditate.

they find themselves getting frustrated at the noises which surround them, passing cars, doors slamming, people talking etc.

we see pictures of people meditating at the edge of still lakes or in front of heart warming sunsets. we see people dressed in smooth silk robes at the top of temple steps and we begin to believe that we need these conditions in order to find peace.

well the next time you see these pictures realise that what surrounds them is but a reflection of their inner state. the picture was always symbolic it was never to set standards. for peace is only to be found within and never without. one can always find peace in the rain, in a traffic jam, on the train or in a storm.

these “outer” conditions are never the deciding factor when it comes to finding true inner peace. peace which has requirements is forever desperately fleeting like the passing of any other daily emotion. however the stillness of inner peace is not an emotion, it is a state of being found between both acceptance and detachment.

when one locates and establishes their own inner balance point they are able to return to it whenever they wish.

somewhere so simple that it is often always overlooked and under valued.

let inner peace be valued for its stability and tranquility. It is a place that does not get swayed by the tides of life, it always floats above the chaos beneath. it is a sanctuary of crystal clear clarity.
—- meditation exercise —-

in this exercise, sit with your eyes closed. this can be done in any location, whether it be on a train to work or in the park it doesnt matter. take notice of every sound and accept them as they arrive from the silence and return to the silence.

recognise the power, potential and presence of the silence in each moment, the place where all sound expands from and dissolves.

with the development of focus one will begin to realise the silence is always there hidden in the background, and like a radio frequency all we have to do is tune in and connect.

now examine the different noises you hear and feel. the wind in the trees, tweeting of birds, the train on the tracks, people talking etc.

now ask yourself, is that noise out with me or is it within?

most at first tend to believe that the noise came from outside them. they believe it is an external force and separate from them. this immediately results in a blame game scenario.

“ahh i cant meditate its too loud and distracting!”

well in this exercise i want you to imagine your self expanding far off and into your surroundings. fill the room, park or train carriage with your awareness and presence. the noises you hear are you. accept them as being an extension of yourself. how empowering, how beautiful!

you are the center point of this whole experience, how you react is in your control. you were never alone, separation and isolation is but a perception of the mind from which there are many others. you are bigger than it.

through embracing and accepting that which is we will find peace.

resistance, avoidance and control hungry intentions bring only stress, anxiety and suffering.wp-image-1819906713jpeg.jpeg

in with the new and out with the old

wishing everyone a great new year. i want to thank you all for being a part of this grand experience! what a mad thrill eh?!

great things are crafted from patience and perseverance.

if a marathon runner started their race at a sprinters speed you wouldn’t expect them to finish the race would you?

well this is why so many people flump their new years resolutions within the month. firstly they make the mistake of considering life goals and achievements as a race and competition with others. secondly they burn themselves dry of that initial motivation at the first or second hurdle.

motivation comes from maintaining and building momentum. don’t raise the standards too soon. start small and build on them.

seeing as this time of year gears many into a mind set of personal growth, change and development here are some simple yet transformational techniques which if applied can radically change ones life.

-spend at least 20 minutes each day alone with your thoughts.

How do we know what is best for us if we are constantly consumed by stress, electronics and time schedules?
Modern life demands so much from us and provides us with so many distractions that we can easily become disconnected from our true self and greatest desires. Turn off the phone and use this time to sink back into your very own natural time zone. This can be used for re-collaborating with your inner peace and will allow you the space to problem solve and contemplate. From a place of peace one can make more accurate decisions. Now think of where you’ll be in 2 months time by making more accurate and self attuned decisions.

– set yourself daily tasks and weekly challenges to complete

this is a great way to build up confidence and self esteem. prove to yourself that you are capable of achieving great things. In time and with perseverance you will begin to build up a strong momentum. It is this momentum which solves problems. Without it we tend to get stuck.
if you have not yet climbed a mountain, why the heck not?! pick one and conquer it!

– explore new things

life is all about experience. with experience comes expansion. not only will life become more interesting but so will you. it is experience which carves our character.
what do we know about something if we have never tried it? more importantly what do we know about ourselves if we rarely leave the comfort zone? perhaps join a group! there are many weekly meet ups you can get involved in. from dance classes, martial arts, poetry nights, comedy nights, running clubs, meditation and yoga classes etc.

– feed your mind daily

Great motivation can be derived from the excitement of new knowledge. its all about that momentum!
You can become a master of anything you invest your time and focus into. learn from the best. their books and lectures are out there waiting for you.

As social beings we get a lot of our inspiration from others. surround yourself with like minds and people who genuinely love and support your dreams. if you don’t already have that, 2017 is the year to find them!

– forgiveness

Life moves on and so should you. Realise that those who have caused you harm have done so because they are overflowing with pain themselves. Within every great tragedy there is some from of beauty to come from it. Let the pain of life soften you do not fall victim to it and become cynical and bitter. Have faith that things will work out, because in time they will. Release the shackles of hatred which bind you to your enemy and set yourself free.

– expose your problems by speaking to others

please know that people are here for you if you ever need to express your worries and problems.

its all part of the package we call life for problems to arise. we all have to take a share in the pain. By exposing them in there early development you can limit there power over you. Let people know about your situation and maybe they can help you.

i know all too well what it is like to feel lost, helpless, addicted and depressed so for anyone who really feels isolated let it be known that i will always be here for anyone who needs someone to listen.

peace x


spiritual insight and innerstanding


So my plan for today was to take my little brother to school. A great opportunity for me to listen to a lecture and jam to some motivational music.

Although today my dad said he was going to take him and get petrol etc. Turned out my brother wanted my dad to take him too as they wanted a chat.

This at first brought forward feelings of disappointment and resentment as my plans had been changed but I accepted it as it was and lay back down on my bed.

I then started questioning why I was feeling like this and soon realised that of course it was due to holding false expectations and thinking that I required the drive to start my day.

I heard my dad drop something and curse in frustration. I felt that my feelings towards the earlier situation had its part to play in this. Although I didn’t say anything verbally I produced some form of negatively charged mental state and I’m sure my body language would have given off signals of this. Although this didn’t last for long it was powerful enough to create a ripple effect.

We tend to blame others around us not realising that they are only triggering that which is unhealed/unbalanced within us.

I then went into a meditation in an attempt to resolve this issue and soon began to see my dad. It gets a little abstract but very symbolic. like Alice in wonderland he had shrunk down in size. he was in the oven and talking in a seemingly rant like manner. I was giving him the middle finger above the oven where he couldn’t see what I was doing. My mum was beside me laughing at how I was mocking him.

But then something amazing happened..

I came down to his level/ size and went into the oven with him. I looked straight into his eyes and saw deep into his true being. Which wasn’t ranting and raving. He was sat there completely content, childlike, loving and peaceful. In fact although his presence was very still and peaceful it was divinely powerful and god-like.

What I have realised from this which I would like to share is that..

The oven represents the box of false judgement and misunderstandings we form around people and situations.

By going beyond your egos perception one is able to see the true essence behind the actions (acting)

We blame others for our problems forgetting to realise that the problem exists within us and they are in fact providing the trigger and opportunity for us to analyse and heal our sub conscious issues.

So the next time something or someone causes you to enter a place outside of comfort question what it is within you that is trying to reveal itself. Because it’s not them, it’s YOU!

By blaming others for our pain and discomfort we are suppressing and avoiding the analysis and healing of our own inner self.

Can you imagine how my day would have turned out if I didn’t question my feelings of discomfort? I could have spent the whole day in resentment. From that place of resentment and poor judgement it could have lead to poor actions throughout the day. And we all know the power of cause and effect this would have only intensified and expanded these feelings of resentment and it would affect everyone i came into contact with which would most probably lead to further issues to deal with. Time would also pass and I may have forgotten the root cause of the problem. This is how we get lost in a pit of darkness.

You see many of us seek that peace of mind in the present moment while forgetting that it is a process of spring cleaning and constant maintenance through the cognitive analysis of any arising thoughts and emotions.

We also tend to suppress and attempt to forget the chaos of the past. You will not reach stillness in the moment until you delve deep into the root causes of chaos from your past. If you want liberation first you must open pandoras box, sieve through it and make sense of it. Because transcending does not take place without knowing.

The state of oneness comes not from suppression and separation from the dark and painful. It is the embracing of it. The blending of black and white. The blending of two into the becoming of one.

This is the art of turning darkness into light and making the unconscious conscious.

Meditate, contemplate, question and re-analyse your past. Be prepared to relive the pain felt in those moments but don’t stop there. If you stop there you have done nothing but cause yourself extended and fruitless pain which will only intensify the problems you now face. Extract your consciousness from your/ego feelings and judgement of the situation and “wrong doers” view it from their perspective. Try and feel their pain, confusion and lack of love. Then shift your awareness into a third person perspective, one without judgement. Once you understand the situation you will be able to grant both them and yourself forgiveness and it will be that which allows you to move on from it.

Set yourself free from this great burden which is suffering. It is the ball and chain around ankle which is hindering your life’s progression and unfoldment.

The power of mind made manifest 


The dividing line above is absolute reality. All creative potential resides within a neutral stillness of divine oneness.

One energy balanced perfectly by equal polarities. Each and everything is given meaning by the recipients mental derivation, projection and reaction. 

As god-like creator beings we have the power to cast meaning unto the canvas which surroundings us to suit our story and purpose. We literally give personal birth and meaning to life with our thoughts.

With a developed mind one has the ability to contemplate, analyse and transform once seemingly negative experiences into profoundly insightful and positive ones. Ones which will in turn give birth to further healing, growth and  self understanding.

Consciousness/ spirit is the loyal observer and worthy way shower once it is in command of body and mind.

However without cognitive development we are slave to a reactive, limited, biased and “self” obsessed mechanical mind. 

The mind is a vessel largely used for processing life in this physical existence. And to some extent a translator of information from the higher non-physical realms into manifest. We bring our higher self ( spirit/ consciousness) into worldly animation with the use of our imagination. The mighty I AM presence is the becoming of that which is.

However, the moment we react to something we have attached ourselves to it. Our mind has the ability to shift into and embody that which is in focus. This again is the power of manifest. 

Think and so ye shall become.

When not under cognitive rulership and with no established centre point one will instead begin absorbing and reflecting that which surrounds them.

And by doing so shall fall from god-like heights into earth bound manifest.

If chaos is to be witnessed in ones surroundings the uncontrolled mind will react, binding itself to chaos, thus becoming it.

It should be noted that one cannot change that which he has become. 

Liberation shall not be felt until one liberates themselves from the demons which infect his inner temple.

To reach the god head peak of illumination and all becoming, one must first become god like. 

Forgiveness and non – judgement are the grand keys of liberation from the earthly. Find it within and unleash the power of unimaginable light.

Align your every action with love and you will become the shining light of life itself.

Upon reaching the God head state.

​For the sincere seeker of truth..

Oneness with God is an inner knowingness, stillness and pure awareness of what is. It is the thoughtless nothingness within everything. To see through the eyes of god is to reach that state. Speechless and wordless you will be left suspended in no thought. Everything just is. Perfect.

there is pain and pleasure but above that there exists your true nature.

with correct contemplation, discipline and exploration…

suffering has within it a gift which holds the potential to teach us the importance of love.

Once reached, love has the potential to give us an understanding for suffering which in turn casts out division, judgement and ignorance.

From this insight and with correct ethics one has the potential of reaching supreme oneness with all of creation. timeless. deathless. infinite. your true spirit. pure awareness of what is. desireless and complete, unmovable consciousness.

however when you step out of this pure and aware state you become a person again.

Person/personality = persona = THE MASK OF YOUR TRUE SELF! 

The kingdom of heaven is WITHIN you and through the heart you must pass.

To reach the god head there cannot be left ignorance.

Where there is hate and attachment there is also ignorance.

You cannot understand that which you hate.

Duality is product of the mind. The great divider and deceiver. 

Good vs bad

Right vs wrong

Neither can be either


with LOVE

One can become ALL

Mother earth raises and nurtures our body and mind, she provides us with the perfect environment for remembering our true nature. If only we would make the effort to read the book of our own life’s journey and the signs which scatter the path along our way.

through life lessons in this physical realm we begin our readiness to connect with our higher self by developing wisdom and virtue which begins to liberate us from the trappings and limitations of mind and matter.

some golden keys of liberation through learning and applied self discipline


– acceptance

-non violence

-non attachment

– honesty and truthfulness to self and others

– openness to the unknown 

when body and mind is controlled father spirit will reclaim the vehicle and guide it gracefully though life towards its highest purpose.

“Father spirit” is your true self and the real you knows its higher purpose. It is only a process of remembering that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Body and mind is built of earth and in time shall return to earth.

However spirit is immortal and shall only continue its voyage towards the higher realms.

How beautiful! Your body, this vehicle, is the divine link between space and matter. The bridge between the spiritual and the physical realms of existence.

Like the sun penetrating earth LIFE IS BORN!

And only the child like will ever experience the splendour of this serene state.

Intellect will attempt to box up, limit and project itself unto the absolute reality in its efforts to comprehend the infinite. Thus falsifying truth!

The only thing separating one from knowing this is the ego/ false self.

One must transcend thy self.

However we cannot end the trance of something we do not yet know.


Blessings to all, take what you wish from my ramble. Our perspectives may differ and that is exactly the point. It is that which gives us a wholly understanding.

one body. one mind. one soul. experiencing itself beautifully.