“New Year… New Me…” – Breaking Habits With Certainty

“New Year… New Me…” – Breaking Habits With Certainty

New Year is approaching and I am guessing that some of you may be thinking of making changes to your way of living.

How often have you “tried” to stop something?
We hear it all the time..

“I am trying to stop smoking”

“I am trying to stay off the drink”

“I am trying to cut down on the chocolate”

“ I am trying to get fit”

Can you not feel the hesitation in those words?

Trying implies struggle and hesitation. A division within the self, one part wanting this and the other wanting that.

Someone who is “trying” to stop drinking is often social with other drinkers. When they share such a statement it is natural for their kindly peers to feel that hesitation and discomfort, leading them to be more likely to question and coax their friend to give up the struggle and relax a little.

The first step towards real change is a decision made with absolute certainty. A statement compelling enough that it literally becomes your new identity and pulls you forward into a new way of living.

Feel into the energy of the next few statements..

“ I don’t drink”

“ I don’t smoke”

“ I am a runner”

“I don’t eat chocolate”


A statement that is founded in certainty will always be respected, both by others but more importantly by yourself.
Something else I see a lot of at this time of year is people trying to remove their best known survival strategy for coping with or dealing with pain and discomfort.

Too much focus is spent on the coping mechanism being the problem and not the root cause of the problem.

This is another avoidance strategy, causing only longer lasting turbulence.

Embrace. Observe. Comprehend. Transcend.

If you were a client of mine I would create the space for you to dig deep into what it is exactly that is pushing you towards such behaviour.

This is largely caused by unresolved emotional issues in the past, ranging from our childhood right up until this present day where another common cause of such behaviour is simply our current situation. Whether it be an unhealthy relationship, an un-passionate or highly stressful job role or lack of direction and purpose.

By resolving issues from the past and/or removing the heaviness from our current situation we grant ourselves space and opportunity to reconsider the purpose of the old survival strategy.

Our everyday habits may seem small in the moment but in time ripples certainly create waves.

Visualise yourself, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 10 years from now, following the path of where your old habit may take you. Bringing attention to what you see but more importantly just how exactly it is you are feeling during and at the end of that journey.

Now visualise yourself, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 10 years from now, following the path of where your decision for positive change may take you. Notice that sense of certainty feels and what it is like to reclaim  your sovereignty from that old undesirable habit.  Bringing to your awareness all of the possible opportunities that will unfold as you grow with certainty and a strong feeling of being capable. Whilst again bringing attention to what you see and just how exactly it is you are feeling during and at the end of that journey.

What looks and feels more compelling? The choice is always yours to make now in this moment.


Something else which I hear a lot of is.. “When new year comes I will stop …. “drinking.”

Tomorrow never comes with that kind of attitude.

It instead suggests avoidance, separation and lack of ownership.

And stepping into the new year drunk, stinking of smoke, feeling groggy from the chocolate or lack of exercise is no way to start the new year ahead if it is not the way you truly wish to move forward.

If by now you are absolutely certain about your new decision. It can be made now in this very moment.

The celebrations on New Year’s Eve are climatic and rather significant.

If you make the decision now and face such an event of new becoming’s with the certainty of your new choices and way of living you are not only moving forward into the New Year as you wish to continue but that such experiences of achievement are essential for strengthening and reinforcing your new sense of life and identity. It will be a moment of proof for yourself that you are capable and a boost in momentum!

Burst the bubble!

Smokers tend to socialise with other smokers.

Drinkers socialise with drinkers.

And bikers socialise with other bikers

Just like people with a positive mindset gravitate and attract others with a similar mindset.
As social beings we adapt to the tribe. Those who we spend time with have an effect on how we perceive ourselves and the world.

Perhaps 2018 is the year you explore a new pocket of existence. Joining a group which is aligned with your deeper desires and making new friends in that area of life may perhaps give you the structure, relief, support and the new perspectives needed to replace the temptations of your undesirable old ways.




I offer 1-to-1 Personal Development coaching and NLP breakthrough therapy sessions via Skype.

Brian was a smoker of 23 years and is now living life as a non smoker since our 1-to-1 breakthrough session together. 

“Hi Lewis,
This is just a note to say thank you for your guidance into helping me with my quest to stop smoking. 
It’s been really helpful and worked well , the fact that you know how to engage the sub conscious mind and allow people to break their own habits  by getting them to tap into their own memory and emotions to understand the reasons they smoke, it is a phenomenal and great way to give up for good. 

If you personally feel drawn towards making connection with me I warmly welcome you to send me an email.

Email: lewis-3@hotmail.co.uk

Peace to all. May all beings be happy x






Your true being is calling… (a short message from my heart to yours)

By following your heart you do us all a favour.

You can measure what you might lose. But you cannot see what you will gain.

Embrace the aliveness of a new adventure by taking a leap every now and then.

Seek experiences that reignite your child like, curios and wondrous mind.

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Just to clarify…

Advice is the last thing i will be giving anyone.

Just think about the last time you approached a friend or loved one with a problem only to get slapped with their advice. what did that do for you?

The truth is no one knows you like you know yourself.

You have within you a whole account of your every past experience and future aspirations.

Deep down you know exactly what is best for you.

The sessions I offer are all about YOU.

So if deep down we know what is best for us then why do we find ourselves in hesitation so often?

Do you know how many opportunities pass us by simply because we second guess our abilities and get overcome by an array of undesirable yet dominating thoughts and emotions.

Well what if there was a way to resolve this?

Most don’t even question where these impulsive reactions come from.

Past life experiences and the opinions of others can leave a firm imprint on our subconscious mind.

And over time we can begin to generate all sorts of shoddy, calcified belief systems and world views based on these experiences and begin to take them as part of our identity and reality.

We are the creators of our reality but until we get those thoughts and emotions under control and resolve our relationship with our past experiences we will continue to go through the motions and things will appear to be out of our control.

Most however settle for the perception “well.. that’s just the way life is”

When in fact that is just the way they have chosen to perceive life.

Those kinds of people may not be interested in what i have to offer but for those who are keen to uncover the crap and let their true light shine through then these sessions could be of great value.

We cannot attain peace or focus our energy on our ambitions effectively if we are still hung up about events and people in our past.

As a trained NLP practitioner i am equipped with a set of techniques which will enable us to locate the root of the problem which will then allow us to work together on resolving these undesirable belief systems/ past experiences to allow you to continue moving forward in life with more enjoyment and fluidity.

Peace. The Rebellious Act

If you look deep enough into the eyes of another, mother, stranger or lover you will begin to see yourself.

For that which appears without is in fact within. All be an extension of one source. The divine self.

Life is happening for you. This is all for you. Look around is it not magnificent? This grand creation! Stop resisting its motion and begin to dream again, colourful dreams and dare to dance with them.

For the role of playing victim is now over, you were never separate, you are not alone! You were only pretending, hiding behind your mind games and delusions.

It is you who is responsible for your every action, nothing or no one else. For thoughts be causal and situations effects.

They who anger you, controls you and until you find stillness within the storm you will not yet know the pleasure of true peace.

Peace is an act of the highest rebellion. For it is not dual in nature, it simply just is.

The art of peace comes not without first acceptance and then balance with what is.

Guilt and resentment reign dominant in the minds of many

And like an echo in a cave, the past still haunts them as its chaos plays out.

To find peace in the moment we must first make peace with our past.

And like the ripples in a lake they will fade into supreme stillness, a space/time transcendence where one rests suspended in silence.

It is this silence in which the world shall be made clear again and one’s true nature will shine through again.

A Perspective on Pain..

By our very nature we are sensitive and empathetic beings.
Absorbent and connected to our every experience.

The trouble is however that we tend to think ourselves out of feeling.

When pain chaps our door we don’t answer.
We fixate our mind upon every source of possible distraction.
The television, consumerism, food eating and drug taking.
Anything to pull ourselves away from that inner unbalance
And so we suffer..
Our heart beats irregular..
And we begin to wonder why something is missing..
So we ask questions..
Like since when did everything become so miserable? Where did the love go?
As the memories of grace, curiosity and contentment from childhood creep in, leaving only a sore longing for those sweet songs to play again.

Well you see love is an all immersive, unconditional force which is found by becoming one with the wholeness of your very existence.

When we sever ourselves from pain we soon become numb. Voiding ourselves from the experience of that whole feeling.
Pain is the fuel which keeps love burning. For it is pain which gives love purpose, depth and meaning. It keeps life moving and gives the heat needed to purify and refine.

So the next time pain comes knocking, take a deep breath, sit down and let her in.
Stop fighting and let her fires soften you, don’t shut out the heat in your heart and become hardened by the cold lonely winds outside.
For the day will soon arrive that you will find within the gushing of tears and heartbreak, that the crumbling and cracking of those protective barriers will give way to that missing something.

Everyday Miracles – “what goes around comes around”

“what goes around comes around”

Something quite miraculous happened today and the magic of life continues to amaze me.

I don’t personally feel its right for me to tell people about and any good deeds but for the sake of this story I feel I have to.

So I was walking through Glasgow today and felt magnetically pulled towards this homeless guy as our eyes locked from a distance. He was young and I saw sadness in his eyes. Sat down beside him and had a chat. He was 20 years old. His mother was dead and his dad was an alcoholic. He left Belgium in search of a new life and to become a better person. And here he was sitting on the street, totally alone, homeless and unable to find a job as a painter, which is his trade.

Anyways I felt an incredible connection with this guy and it brought back memories of when I was roughing it as a traveler. I recognised a great beauty within him and through our connection I felt that intuitively it was the right thing to give him what was in my wallet.

He needed the money more than me I thought and handed him 30 quid.

After finishing our heart to heart I left.

Driving home I pulled into the petrol station. As I was paying for it someone behind the desk said. “excuse me can I talk to you”. He showed me a sheet of paper which stated the time 15:00 and pump number 6. Which was the exact time and pump that I had began filling up.

He said I won the “lucky pump day” and I received petrol vouchers equalling £30 haha!

The message I received from all of this is..

Live from the heart and life will look after you.